Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SimCity Social Free Items

There are three free items that you can unlock in the SimCity Social on Facebook. The following is Neighborhood Sign, Tree Grove and Sims Billboard. These free items are the items that you can unlock if you like and share the official SimCity Social page on Facebook. A player can access these items if the game will be launched and goes live.

Tree Grove - A beautiful place to plan a parade (or protest) in your honor.

Neighborhood Sign - Every city needs a way to welcome new residents and visitors.

Sims Billboard - Boosts your population with the magic of advertising. 

I believed that SimCity Social by EA is much better that CityVille by Zynga. If you take a deep look with the trailer of the game and if you already know the SimCity before, it is focused on more on graphics and with exciting boost of excitements.

As soon as this game is available to play on Facebook, users will start to look for some easy playing for this game to dominate faster. If you are a very competitive person who lives in this world, you will be sure to look for some advance playing for SimCity Social. This is only a browser-base game on Facebook, so it is easy for advance players to cheat this or to hack the game.

What I’m here for is that I only know how to look for it, then to share a blessing also what I found for this will be share it here. I am providing all of them just like in my other blogs about games that has been cheated by the bless cheaters in the hall world. I am not one of them, but I am following them with their discovery.

What I like in this game is that developers have a wide imagination to create the SimCity game. They already have SimCity, SimCity 2, SimCity 3 and soon the SimCity 4 and now for this month expected to launch. The SimCity Release date will be updated in my next post if I will have the latest update of the game. 

Thanks to E3: 2012 and soon a SimCity Social Cheats will be available here like hacking the game will be also discussed. Having a SimCity Social Unlimited Energy, Gold or Coins, Cash, Ruby’s or Diamonds, Supply’s or Goods, and extra bonuses will be revealed. And of course BOT will be also possible. I can’t wait for the game that will be released on Facebook.

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