Friday, June 15, 2012

Farming In SimCity Social On Facebook

Hello guys, here again for another additional review for today about the upcoming game on Facebook the SimCity Social. The game as we observe is huge buildings town houses and simple and big businesses. This is just like what we know all just the same as the CityVille by Zynga. This game has an active of almost 32 million users online every month.

Ville games on Facebook starts in FarmVille, where you can plant and harvest with your own mini business on your farm. Why you keep doing this because you wish to have the indexes list of items to buy in the item shop and that is why you need some gold to buy them or cash to buy the latest release on it so that you will fulfill yourself to have your farm in best that you imagine. 

Years have past and Zynga try to focus on it. They keep on developing another Ville games that we play until now. After those years, Zynga were so happy that they have this huge success. But now, EA is here to start to compete them on Facebook.

SimCity Social will be soon available to play on Facebook. And just what I’ve titled this post, in Farming, I believe that this game will also make players able to Farm in their cities. Can you imagine it, if you really look at the overview of SimCity Socila, it is like all Ville games of Zynga has combined with it. I’m sure that this will be wonderful to have on to the Facebook user.

As I always mention in my recent posts, about Facebook SimCity Social Cheats will be available here soon. I will look for them and get on sharing so stay tuned.

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