Monday, June 25, 2012

SimCity Social Bot

Hello guys, this new game that we are expecting to play will be having a Bot. Yes, just like other games that we use to play on Facebook every day. Bot make us to play in fast and easy way. Actually this is almost a cheat for SimCity Social Cheats that we will provide you here in this blog about SimCity Social.

This game will be expected to play this month, but until now I don’t have the link to play the game on Facebook or maybe they really still didn’t release the game yet. Other websites just provide downloadable links to download the Bot for the game, but here in my blog I will provide a virus free and a SimCity Social Bot that is 100% working totally free.

As soon as the Bot will be release after the game will be ready to play on Facebook, a bot for this game will be develop by best programmers that will be ready for us to use is in the nice and easy way.

The Bot will sure help you to do some stuff what you need to do in playing this SimCity Social a browser-base game on Facebook.

Here in this blog, all provided cheats, tips, tricks, hacks or what so ever will be provided here totally free. So don’t be left behind with your friends.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Farming In SimCity Social On Facebook

Hello guys, here again for another additional review for today about the upcoming game on Facebook the SimCity Social. The game as we observe is huge buildings town houses and simple and big businesses. This is just like what we know all just the same as the CityVille by Zynga. This game has an active of almost 32 million users online every month.

Ville games on Facebook starts in FarmVille, where you can plant and harvest with your own mini business on your farm. Why you keep doing this because you wish to have the indexes list of items to buy in the item shop and that is why you need some gold to buy them or cash to buy the latest release on it so that you will fulfill yourself to have your farm in best that you imagine. 

Years have past and Zynga try to focus on it. They keep on developing another Ville games that we play until now. After those years, Zynga were so happy that they have this huge success. But now, EA is here to start to compete them on Facebook.

SimCity Social will be soon available to play on Facebook. And just what I’ve titled this post, in Farming, I believe that this game will also make players able to Farm in their cities. Can you imagine it, if you really look at the overview of SimCity Socila, it is like all Ville games of Zynga has combined with it. I’m sure that this will be wonderful to have on to the Facebook user.

As I always mention in my recent posts, about Facebook SimCity Social Cheats will be available here soon. I will look for them and get on sharing so stay tuned.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Amazing SimCity Social Facebook

Hello guys, here again in my blog about the upcoming SimCity Social on Facebook insights, expectations and reviews. As I said before in my blog at Kygz, I really didn't expect that this game will be hit on the taste for users. But I really have a feeling that this will game will lure almost city players of Facebook and ran on it. EA is the one of the greatest game releasers in the world, meaning Zynga will going to have a big competition with EA. EA will now hit on Facebook as soon as the SimCity Social will launch in the social network that most user log in everyday. 

What I amazed about SimCity Social right now is that I read some websites that reviews this game with their latest news and updates about SimCity Social. I guess that they do apply all buildings that we can found around the globe, and they also include some Sci-fi in their game. SimCity has a lot of the things that will amaze those players who will try the game out. 

Surprising players will less the percentage of users disliking the SimCity Social game. I’m sure that this will going to have an outstanding entertainment browser-base social game that will happen in Facebook, but there were Sims Social that is hitting and CastlteVille and CityVille is still in the go.

This will be great, but players will just play and logging in with all this games in a day is yes sure can do, because cheats in every game are the ones who do the works. That is why they can play all of this, but the question is does SimCity Social Facebook will also have a cheats for it like Bot or what so every? This blog is what we build for, so better be up to date while we are still looking forward for it.

This blog will soon reveal the SimCity Social Cheats, Hints, Codes, Hacks, Tips, Tricks, Strategy and what so ever. See you again.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Unlock The SimCity Social Three Free Items

Free items were so cool when we heard or read it. But in order for us to get the giveaways, we need to finish some simple task in order for us to achieve them. EA offers Facebook users have a free item for the opening of the SimCity Social. Here is how to unlock 3 cool SimCity prizes:

Go to the Official fan page of SimCity Social on Facebook then hit "Like" it to unlock the first prize.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SimCity Social Free Items

There are three free items that you can unlock in the SimCity Social on Facebook. The following is Neighborhood Sign, Tree Grove and Sims Billboard. These free items are the items that you can unlock if you like and share the official SimCity Social page on Facebook. A player can access these items if the game will be launched and goes live.

Tree Grove - A beautiful place to plan a parade (or protest) in your honor.

Neighborhood Sign - Every city needs a way to welcome new residents and visitors.

Sims Billboard - Boosts your population with the magic of advertising. 

I believed that SimCity Social by EA is much better that CityVille by Zynga. If you take a deep look with the trailer of the game and if you already know the SimCity before, it is focused on more on graphics and with exciting boost of excitements.

SimCity Social Facebook

Hello guys and welcome to my blog about the upcoming game on Facebook where there were 200+ million users that is waiting for some interesting new social games on Facebook. I know and I can feel it the same as you that this game will be one again turn users to go back and spend a lot of their time on with the social network site. The truth is that I am a also an addicted to playing video games most of it are social games. Why? Because I loved it, I have my friends here with me. If I need something they will provide me to, it is basically in Facebook.

I do love building city games. But take note that I of course use game cheats in those social games on Facebook live CityVille and CastleVille. I do use some game BOT for me to be able to dominate the game. Of course I do thank for this gift of wisdom for giving me some ideas to do this in what I really want it in a way of fulfilling my desires. That is one of the reasons why I do create this blog about Simcity. This game I guess will be one of trending games in social games on Facebook and a lot of people don’t have the idea if who do they finish a game in no time, but social games is not the easy as we take an overview of SimCity Social.

Why to play this game in the normal way while you can just cheat it? I do respect the players who do play the game in the natural way, but for me it is just a waste of time. Imagine this, we will at the same time going to start and play this SimCity Social on Facebook. You will play it in the natural way and I will play it with my instant gaming strategy in a short period of time, while you were still ongoing and I am already coming back for my victory. See it is really horrible to stop and wait until you're loaded again and start again and again all over again.

Yes, I am not patients when it comes to that one. But yes, I do this sometimes if I don’t have any cheats to apply in a game. But if the cheats are possible like what I do in CastleVille and CityVille, I’m sure that you will be amazed by the result. So here, I welcome you here in my blog with its perfect title for you that is why you were here the SimCity Social Cheats. Here, you will read some interesting updates about the said game with its major topic of cheating the game.

SimCity Social for its cheats, tips, tricks, hints, hacks, codes, guides, quests, news and updates or whatsoever will be posting it here and ready for you to learn it and to apply and try it in your game. Once again I welcome you here in my blog and have an instant gaming experience.