Thursday, June 14, 2012

Amazing SimCity Social Facebook

Hello guys, here again in my blog about the upcoming SimCity Social on Facebook insights, expectations and reviews. As I said before in my blog at Kygz, I really didn't expect that this game will be hit on the taste for users. But I really have a feeling that this will game will lure almost city players of Facebook and ran on it. EA is the one of the greatest game releasers in the world, meaning Zynga will going to have a big competition with EA. EA will now hit on Facebook as soon as the SimCity Social will launch in the social network that most user log in everyday. 

What I amazed about SimCity Social right now is that I read some websites that reviews this game with their latest news and updates about SimCity Social. I guess that they do apply all buildings that we can found around the globe, and they also include some Sci-fi in their game. SimCity has a lot of the things that will amaze those players who will try the game out. 

Surprising players will less the percentage of users disliking the SimCity Social game. I’m sure that this will going to have an outstanding entertainment browser-base social game that will happen in Facebook, but there were Sims Social that is hitting and CastlteVille and CityVille is still in the go.

This will be great, but players will just play and logging in with all this games in a day is yes sure can do, because cheats in every game are the ones who do the works. That is why they can play all of this, but the question is does SimCity Social Facebook will also have a cheats for it like Bot or what so every? This blog is what we build for, so better be up to date while we are still looking forward for it.

This blog will soon reveal the SimCity Social Cheats, Hints, Codes, Hacks, Tips, Tricks, Strategy and what so ever. See you again.

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